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What Does it Mean to be a Shipper of Choice with Brad Forester

And we're back! Welcome to a new way forward. Welcome to Season 2 of The Extra Mile Podcast!

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Show notes:

BIG NEWS! P-Mutt and Bain share the news that CarrierDirect is now Metafora! So yes, that means we are now The Extra Mile Podcast by Metafora! You can read more about our rebrand here.

Also, Bain will be attending the Manifest conference in Las Vegas this week along with Peter Rentschler, Ryan Schreiber, and Shanna Greathouse. If you'll there too, see where to find Metafora at Manifest here.

Let's also continue to celebrate some of the amazing people highlights that our company achieved in 2021. View the people highlights infographic that P-Mutt and Bain reference here.

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with JBF Consulting to deliver smart TMS solutions across the shipper and 3PL world. This is part of the partnership program: Metafora+.

In this episode, we chat with our special guest about how 3PL and shipper worlds are colliding. What does it mean to be a shipper of choice?

And without further ado, let's chat with industry star, managing partner and founder of JBF Consulting, and skin care expert, Brad Forester.

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About Metafora+

Metafora+ is a partnership network for the thinkers, the leaders, the innovators in the logistics space. Logistics is facing challenges – and when we can work together, support each other, solve problems together, we can all benefit. We are looking for partners who see the big picture and see how we can help each other to bring new, big ideas to the table for our customers and yours. Learn more at

About JBF Consulting

Since 2003, we’ve been helping shippers of all sizes and across many industries select, implement and squeeze as much value as possible out of their logistics systems. We speak your language — not consultant-speak – and we get to know you. Our leadership team has over 70 years of logistics and TMS implementation experience. Because we operate in a niche — we’re not all things to all people — our team members have a very specialized skill set: logistics operations experience + transportation technology + communication and problem-solving skills + a bunch of other cool stuff.

Metafora, previously "CarrierDirect", is a business consulting and software development company that exclusively services the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain space. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help them optimize their business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

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