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[Client Success Story] FreightPlus

Brendan Lawler, Director of Strategic Operations at FreightPlus shares his thoughts on how working with Sync Logistics Training helped FreightPlus.

Curious to hear Brendan's thoughts on training? Check out the video:

About FreightPlus:

FreightPlus is an industry-leading managed transportation provider, offering businesses customized and fully-tailored managed transportation solutions in a boutique environment where clients get the individual attention they deserve. 

To augment its employee onboarding process, FreightPlus wanted something more than your standard off-the-shelf content. They wanted to educate employees on the industry, provide structure to the training process, and do so engagingly and interactively. Their goal was to give every new employee the tools needed to hit the ground running now and the continued support to progress their careers in the future. 


About Brendan Lawler:

Before joining FreightPlus, Brendan’s career path led him through various operational roles within the Marine Corps, where he started as an infantry officer and turned into an executive officer, there he instilled a deep appreciation for fast-paced environments. Seeking new challenges in the civilian workforce, Brendan transitioned to Amazon Transportation Services as an Operations Manager. However, he found himself yearning for the sense of community and mission orientation he cherished during his time in the Marine Corps. This pursuit led him to find his niche at FreightPlus as the Director of Strategic Operations.


How has Sync Logistics Training fit into your onboarding process? 

With Sync, FreightPlus has been able to streamline its training process, decrease ramp times, and improve its buy vs. market.  Brendan said, “It used to take weeks and weeks and weeks to have a carrier sales representative get up to speed. We just onboarded a new employee recently. Within six weeks that employee was booking over 10 loads a day, with the appropriate carriers, with a strong buy vs. market, without Sync we would not have been able to do that.” 


Video Highlights:

Why is now the right time to invest in training?

Everyone is trying to cut costs within their organizations, which makes sense given the market, but FreightPlus has a long-term vision and our executive team understands that people, regardless of the market, are going to allow us to accomplish that vision. We have two leadership principles: 1. hire and develop the best and 2. people matter most. I believe Sync serves both those fundamentals and made it an easy decision for us to invest in.

What is your impression of Sync Logistics Training content?

I think the content itself provides an in-depth understanding of the industry and then breaks it down to a level that someone fresh out of college can understand and put into practice in their day-to-day job as well.

What are three benefits that FreightPlus has experienced as a result of Sync Logistics Training?

The three benefits that we've experienced as a result of Sync are:  One, our time to proficiency from a new entry employee has decreased significantly. Two, the level of comfortability for a new employee, for their first day actually, in the operating environment has increased dramatically. Three, I think operationally we've seen a huge improvement in our buy vs. Market utilizing Sync. I think the Syms and the training really up-levels our team’s negotiation ability, and then also really drives home the importance of sourcing the right carrier at the right price, so that's been a strong Improvement as a result of Sync. 

Do you feel that the value you received was worth the investment you made in Sync Logistics Training?

Absolutely been worth the investment. One, we now have a dedicated training platform that we can use for our new employees. Two, we're already seeing an increased level of proficiency from my team after using the training platform, and three, as a company we've learned a lot from the structure that Sync was able to tailor for FreightPlus, and we're able to use that holistically as part of our onboarding toolkit moving forward. 

Would you recommend Sync Logistics Training to other companies?

I would absolutely recommend Sync to other Brokers. 

I think I've stated this a couple of times, but the industry as a whole lacks training it's very much an industry that throws a new employee or throws someone that's struggling behind a high performer and expects that that new employee or underperformer is just going to figure it out by watching this high performer, and that's just not the case, that only works in certain circumstances. What Sync does is it gives companies a tool to uplevel their organization through the proper ways of training, through the proper ways of investing in employee development, so absolutely would recommend this to other brokers.

This is why Metafora + Kinetic created Sync Logistics Training.

Sync Logistics Training is a learning management platform designed for the logistics industry. Using videos, simulations, and quizzes, we help your employees reach and sustain higher performance faster.

With Sync Logistics Training you can:

  • Reduce the burden on management
  • Increase retention of new hires
  • Increase employee utilization rates in their first 180 days
  • Increase the speed of knowledge transfer
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Implement enterprise-level course content at a fraction of the cost
  • Minimize time to employee utilization

Interested or want to learn more? Sync Logistics Training is available to you!

Metafora is the leading consulting & software development firm for transportation, logistics, and supply chain businesses. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help you optimize your business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

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