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[Webinar] Streamline Operations with Metafora’s TruckMate Integration

In an era where logistics and supply chain management are vital for business success, Metafora stands out as a beacon of technological expertise. Dedicated to addressing the unique challenges within the logistics industry, Metafora joined a webinar hosted by Trimble on  Tuesday, August 22nd, to discuss  Socket; our tech-enabled integration platform.

Watch the full Webinar here:

Metafora’s integration service, Socket and Socket Applications, can unify TruckMate and your other technology vendors allowing you to scale your business, reduce your operational costs and provide your customers and agents with a better user experience.

Socket Integrations and Applications were born out of technology strategy, technology delivery and business consulting work and the rapidly expanding and fragmented freight technology ecosystem.

Socket is a tech-enabled service that makes integrating siloed applications

  • EASY
  • FAST

The Integration Challenge: Why Socket Integrations Matter

Metafora understands the prevailing integration challenges and confronts them head-on with Socket Integrations:

  • Low priority and/or bandwidth: On time delivery of a quality integration is our highest priority; our success depends on it.
  • Lack of a business case: During the discovery phase our team will dive deep to ensure a Socket integration is the right solution. Our goals and incentives are aligned.
  • Lack of technical expertise: Integrations are our core competency. We manage the entire project; scoping, mapping, configuration, testing, monitoring and ongoing support.
  • Lack of, or poor project scoping: Our team invests time up front with you and your technology vendors to define a clear scope of work that aligns with your business case.
  • Lack of measurable ROI: A low fixed monthly fee makes calculating ROI much easier and more accurate.
  • Over budget and canceled: There are no up-front, variable or hidden costs with Socket integrations.

"Metafora has proven to be a great partner. Our joint customer engaged them in a recent integration project, improving our time-to-market and enabling the reallocation of internal resources to other key initiatives. In the realm of dynamic integrations, Metafora shines through their continuous enhancements to the Socket integration between Convoy and our customer’s TMS." -  Brooks McMahon, Chief Business Development Officer at Convoy


The Missing Piece in Your Tech Stack

Socket Integrations bridges the gap between the dynamic ecosystem of logistics technology providers and your daily operational systems, whether it’s your TMS, WMS, ERPs, accounting, financial systems, or proprietary applications. The capabilities of Socket Integrations encompass:

  • Unification: Seamlessly integrate disparate systems for more efficient workflows.
  • Scalability: As your business expands, Socket Integrations effortlessly grows with you.
  • Proven Integrations: Metafora hasactive integrations with a variety of logistics technology companies, including project44, Trimble, McLeod, Navix, Transplace, and Convoy.

Discover More at Insight: September 24-27

Mark your calendars for the Trimble User Conference,  Insight, happening from September 24th to 27th. This event is your opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Socket Integrations and explore how Metafora can reshape your logistics landscape. Don’t miss this chance to unlock streamlined operations and tap into the future of logistics technology.

Contact us to learn more about Socket

Metafora is the leading consulting & software development firm for transportation, logistics, and supply chain businesses. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help you optimize your business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

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