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Get to know the new EMP co host: Teresa!

Season 3, Teaser Episode: Get to know the new EMP co host, Teresa!

Are you ready for a new season of The Extra Mile Podcast by Metafora? We’re beyond excited to bring you new topics, new guests, and a new… co-host! You know her as Metafora’s Marketing Director, and now she’s adding podcasting to her list of fave things about her job… Introducing: Teresa Ronquillo. Listen now to catch a sneak peek into what’s in store with Season 3, and get to know P-Mutt’s new co-host. 

Listen now:

Host Adam”P-Mutt” Perlmutter puts his new host in the guest seat in this short teaser episode for The Extra Mile Podcast by Metafora. He chats with Teresa about her career, her hobbies, and why she’s excited to be joining him as a host on the pod. 

Marketing Background

Teresa started her marketing career in New York City, where she did marketing for children's books at Simon & Schuster. After five years in NYC, she took a big leap from NYC to Austin, Texas to join the marketing team at IBM. She credits her expertise in the buyer’s journey to her time there. 

In 2017, she decided to take a year off from office life to teach yoga and work at a spa. YOLO.

When she missed the marketing life, she jumped back in to do content marketing for a small media company in Philly, PA. Then, mid-pandemic, she learned about Metafora and their need to build a marketing function. The opportunity sounded amazing and she joined the wonderful Metafora team in November of 2020. Since then, she is proud to slowly but surely be becoming a SME in all things transportation, logistics, and supply chain. (Yes! Ask her about buy vs build or capacity strategy!)

Always on the Move

Teresa has lived all over the place. Cities she has called home? San Antonio, Miami, New York, Austin, Philadelphia, to name a few. Most recently she has moved to a little town called Los Angeles, California. 

What else is fun to know about Teresa?

She is a passionate yogi and vegan, and an amateur comedian. Yes, in her free time you might find her performing stand up and improv comedy in LA. (What!?)

Marketing at Metafora

Teresa spends her workday managing all things marketing for Metafora. Along with her amazing marketing coordinator, Valentina Hoyos, (Lean Solutions Group shout out!) Teresa helps plan Metafora’s conference presence, develop and execute content strategy, build campaigns, manage agencies, and so much more.  She is particularly proud of the Metafora blog and all the downloadable content that Metafora has published over the past couple of years. 

“There's so much research, preparation, interviews, writing, and editing that go into our content.”  - Teresa Ronquillo

What has Teresa learned during her time with Metafora?

“I've learned so much about employee engagement and retention, both in the content that we've created and shared via our blog and social media, but also just from our own company culture.”

Get to know our new co host, Teresa Ronquillo 1

Teresa adds, “...I learned a lot this year about capacity strategy, and pretty much anything that we've put out content on. I genuinely feel like I learn so much in the process. Like ‘Buy vs Build.’ Consider me an expert!”

Get to know our new co host, Teresa Ronquillo 2

A Look Ahead: Season 3 of The Extra Mile Podcast by Metafora

We’ll continue to focus on training, training-as-a-service. We’ll dig deeper into buy vs build and a hybrid approach. Agile improvement will also be a spotlight topic for 2023. All this and more so be sure to like, share, subscribe, etc.

Teresa Ronquillo can be found on LinkedIn here. 

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