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[Podcast] Special Guest: David Bell, Lean Solutions Group Co-Founder

Season 2, Episode 3: Big News x 3! And! Special Guest: David Bell, Co-Founder of Lean Solutions Group

Let’s jump right in:

Big News Part 1: Metafora at TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition

We can’t stop talking about #TIA2022CON because we’re so excited about it, and it’s finally here!! The Extra Mile Podcast Hosts Bain and P-Mutt will be in attendance from Metafora, so come by Booth 200A to say hello! While you’re there, you can chat with experts, explore partnership opportunities, grab some cool Metafora swag, and enter our “See How Far Your Business Can Go” sweepstakes! Want to know everywhere Metafora will be this week in San Diego? Well, you’re in luck because… there’s a blog for that! See all things Metafora at TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition here.

Big News Part 2: New Service Offering from Metafora: M&A!

Metafora is excited to announce the launch of a new, transportation and logistics specific M&A capability. Our team is positioned within the industry to guide businesses throughout various stages of the M&A lifecycle: Defining an M&A Strategy, Building a Target Pipeline, Conducting Due Diligence, Transactional Support, and Executing Integration Activities. Using 2021 as a launchpad, Metafora is dedicated to serving, growing, and disrupting the transportation and logistics space into 2022 and beyond. Learn more about our M&A capabilities and sign up to chat with an expert here.


Metafora and Lean Solutions Group are partnering to further the Transportation & Logistics Industry through Technology, Staffing, and Organizational Improvement. Lean Solutions Group will work with Metafora to provide recruitment, staffing, and team spin-up services delivered from the Lean’s nearshore satellite locations in Latin America. Metafora has developed a rapid operating model assessment to quickly identify what parts of an organization are best suited to move nearshore to optimize process and cost efficiency. Learn more about the partnership here.

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Metafora, previously "CarrierDirect", is a business consulting and software development company that exclusively services the Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain space. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help them optimize their business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

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