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[Client Success Story] Tai

Yesica Mahecha, Training Coordinator at Tai shares her insights about the experience of working with Sync Logistics Training.

Catch her commentary in this client testimonial video:

About Tai:

Tai TMS is a leading TMS among brokerages and 3PLs, providing full-scale automation in the shipment lifecycle of both FTL and LTL loads.

Tai TMS was looking for a solution to help educate internal employees on the nuances of the transportation industry.  When providing a tech solution to freight brokers, it’s essential that employees actually understand the industry and the challenges faced by their customers.  The obstacle is that some employees come from outside of the industry, and even those with transportation experience might not have a background relevant to a specific tech product.  

So, as a tech company, how do you give employees the industry knowledge they need to effectively do their jobs?  

For Tai TMS, the answer was Sync Logistics Training.

With the help of Sync, Tai employees are better equipped to provide top-tier service to their customers.  Sync’s training gives insights into all areas of brokerage - workflows, day-to-day activities, challenges, pain points, etc.  - all of which help Tai employees better support their brokerage customers.


Video Highlights:

How would you describe your experience with Sync Logistics Training? 

Yesica Mahecha: I would have to say that it has been positive overall.  The content is well-structured and easy to digest from a learning perspective. It is designed to achieve the specific objectives that we want to achieve, so it did help facilitate the process of our learners, especially the new hires… As a team, we would have to highlight the disposition of Sync’s team to always receive our feedback and to act very fast to help us resolve any questions we have or any requests, so to me, it has been great. 

How has Sync Logistics helped you better connect with your customers?

Yesica Mahecha: Being able to understand the day-to-day of a broker, what are their activities, their needs, what are their challenges, what do they expect… All of that has helped us to be able to facilitate the solutions that we provide to them because now we know why they ask the questions they ask and why they need what they're asking us for, so to me that basically has been how it has helped us to build those customer relationships.

What impact will the work that Sync Logistics Training provided have on you or your employees’ daily life moving forward? 

Yesica Mahecha:  In a business it is very important to understand what the customers do, why  they need what they need, what they're asking for, and that is the main thing that it has helped us with, for our employees to understand them and then being able to address their requests. It does have an effect on our teams, especially the ones that are in the front line are customer facing teams such as the support team, the on boarding team, who have to be there speaking with customers all the time, and now that we have sync they're able to speak the same language, being able to understand them and then provide them the solutions that they need. 

Do you feel that the value you received was worth the investment you made in working with Sync Logistics Training? 

Yesica Mahecha:  Yes! Speaking with the team we agree that it has significantly facilitated the learning experience for our people and being able to help them do their job makes it worth it. 

Has the onboarding and customer service provided by Sync Logistics Training been satisfactory? 

Yesica Mahecha: Yes, it has been! Everything was clear from the very first time we had the demo sessions with Nick,  going over the platform, and having time to play around with it, to understand it before we send it over to our teams. Whenever we have questions, I've always received an answer very quickly in a timely manner, so it's been great and very satisfactory. 

Why is now the right time to invest in training from Sync? 

Yesica Mahecha:  Investing in training is always going to be relevant to any business, and for us at this point in time is super important due to our growth plan. We’re growing, we're expanding and we need a strong foundation that is going to allow us to scale and be successful… Our team is really appreciating the fact that we're using Sync, so right now it's the best time. 

Would you recommend Sync Logistics Training to other companies looking for a better training solution? 

Yesica Mahecha:  Yes, we would recommend Sync of course! We absolutely will, and we have already recommended it to our friends at GLT,  so lots of good things to say about Sync. 

This is why Metafora + Kinetic created Sync Logistics Training.

Sync Logistics Training is a Learning Management Software that gives your brokerage the power to transfer years of industry knowledge to your new hire employees in an engaging and effective platform. By using a mix of video courses, simulations, and quizzes your new hires will reach new heights faster.

With Sync Logistics Training you can:

  • Reduce the burden on management
  • Increase retention of new hires
  • Increase employee utilization rates in their first 180 days
  • Increase speed of knowledge transfer through engagement
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Implement enterprise level course content at a fraction of the cost
  • Minimize time to employee utilization

Interested or want to learn more? Sync Logistics Training is available to you!

Metafora is the leading consulting & software development firm for transportation, logistics, and supply chain businesses. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help you optimize your business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

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