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[Client Success Story] Q Carriers

Tony Zylka, VP of Logistics at Q Carriers shares his insights about the experience of working with Sync Logistics Training. 

Catch his commentary in this client testimonial video:

About Q Carriers:

Q Carriers is a brokerage based in Shakopee, MN with a rich history as a premier logistics solution.  Since 1981, Q Carriers has been moving freight cross-country, relying on the most advanced technology, late-model trucks and trailers, and highly proficient and experienced drivers. They’ve implemented innovative business practices to stay ahead of industry demands and government regulations, and to ensure the highest quality service to their customers.

One of Q Carriers’ 2023 initiatives was to develop a more robust career development program and a smoother onboarding process for new hires. After seeing what Sync had to offer, they decided it would be a perfect fit to enable a more effective career development process.  

With the help of Sync Logistics Training, Q Carriers has been able to provide their employees with the skills needed to excel in a competitive brokerage environment and foster continued growth through the different learning modules Sync has to offer.

Video Highlights:

How would you describe your experience with Sync Logistics Training? 

Tony Zylka: One of the big things that stands out is this whole micro-education piece in Logistics. We can’t pull people off the floor and we can’t expect people to sit at a computer for eight hours watching these long, drawn out, educational modules so that’s what's awesome about Sync: They [the courses]range anywhere from five minutes to I think the longest is 45 minutes, they’re also cut down to eight individual sections…you can take a lot out of just those five minutes and use those as touchpoints/ talking points and also resume at a later time….

What challenges/ pain points did Sync Logistics Training help you overcome and address?

Tony Zylka: ...Negotiation training. That's a big part, obviously, of a broker's day.  It's been a really good refresher for the team…

What impact will the work that Sync Logistics Training provided have on you or your employees’ daily life moving forward? 

Tony Zylka: It doesn't just offer negotiation training or brokers training… there's sales, there's account management, customer operations, compliance, etc. 

Do you feel that the value you received was worth the investment you made in working with Sync Logistics Training? 

Tony Zylka: Absolutely.  We rolled this out in Q1 and we had our Q2 career development meeting and a lot of feedback was how refreshing and good the Sync training has been…The feedback from the team has been great and I have nothing but solid feedback for Nick and everyone at the Sync Logistics Training team. 

Has the onboarding and customer service provided by Sync Logistics Training been satisfactory? 

Tony Zylka: The onboarding and customer service from Sync Logistics Training has been great.  The team has been there, supportive, quick responses on emails and on issues that we have. We also have a biweekly touch base to dive in and provide feedback, and there’s also feedback by Sync on what they are doing to upgrade the programs. 

Why is now the right time to invest in training from Sync? 

Tony Zylka: I think right now is the right time to invest in training, especially with Sync. There’s a lot of turn over, a lot of people looking for new jobs, and you need to invest in your employees. I think one key component in doing that is to invest in them, in their career growth, in their career knowledge, and Sync has just dialed that in with their different modules to help put them in a growth plan and stay current with the industry standards. 

Would you recommend Sync Logistics Training to other companies looking for a better training solution? 

Tony Zylka: I would absolutely recommend Sync Logistics Training to other companies! 

This is why Metafora + Kinetic created Sync Logistics Training.

Sync Logistics Training is a Learning Management Software that gives your brokerage the power to transfer years of industry knowledge to your new hire employees in an engaging and effective platform. By using a mix of video courses, simulations, and quizzes your new hires will reach new heights faster.

With Sync Logistics Training you can:

  • Reduce the burden on management
  • Increase retention of new hires
  • Increase employee utilization rates in their first 180 days
  • Increase speed of knowledge transfer through engagement
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Implement enterprise level course content at a fraction of the cost
  • Minimize time to employee utilization

Interested or want to learn more? Sync Logistics Training is available to you!

Metafora is the leading consulting & software development firm for transportation, logistics, and supply chain businesses. Metafora partners with carriers, shippers, and freight tech vendors to help you optimize your business and build software to fuel their growth. Welcome to the new way forward. Welcome to Metafora.

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