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Former COO of GlobalTranz - Brad Berlin - My Thoughts on the GlobalTranz Mafia

I want to thank Charley Dehoney for putting this together - what a great ride while it lasted as the COO of GlobalTranz! I am very proud of what we built as a company, it has made me the person I am today. In reflecting back I realized a few highlights of things I’ve learned:


  • Trial and Error - sometimes you hit the spot on the first try, and sometimes you miss hit the mark Either way, we learned from it and moved on -”It’s okay to make a mistake, it’s not okay to make the same one again”
  • Continuous investment in technology - we redlined the company to invest in technology- “yes, it was that important” If we were not constantly improving and evolving the software you will never be the best or stay in front of the competition 
  • Know what your competition is doing - We called it “recon” . We knew our competitors strengths and weaknesses. We knew what value we offered over our competitors and sold to the value. Never be caught off guard on “what makes you different” 
  • Move fast and deploy  (Tech always deploys with bugs or issues even with the big buns such as Apple, Microsoft  and I am sure you can name other companies that have launched new products that come out buggie)
  • Agile wins over waterfall , Agile gave us the ability to try new concepts quickly with less money to get an idea into production, and see how the impact to our business.  
  • Passion: many times there was intense conflict, but it was understood that you care that much for the success of the company
  • Being “ok” in uncomfortable situations: the more you are uncomfortable the more mentally prepared to deal with large issues or problems. If you’re not pushing yourself, you’re not growing - personally or professionally. “ At GTZ you focused and drove through to resolution without making an emotional decisions in a stressful situation ” 
  • Don’t be a Yes man - challenge each other and don't be afraid to take a stance, it’s ok to be wrong. Just make sure you’re right more than wrong
  • Understand what is going on at the ground level - now known as “the day in the life of” Customer service, sales , dispatcher, AR, AP, collection, etc.  I sat down with anybody and everybody to understand what they did and why they did it . This is where we found great opportunities for automation workflows limiting the need to hire more people to do the same job as transactions increase  .The saying at GTZ was “automate the process so much a monkey could do it”. 


It’s always nice to stop and reflect and appreciate where one has come from. Thank you Global Tranz for the experiences 

Ryan Schreiber
Ryan Schreiber
Ryan Schreiber has lived his career at the intersection of transportation and technology. As Metafora's VP of Industry & Growth, Ryan works with clients on challenging the status quo while respecting the challenges both businesses and individuals face through change. Before joining Metafora, Ryan has started multiple businesses in the industry and brings that experience in attacking the problems transportation providers and shippers face navigating the issues in building the future of their businesses.

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